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True Grit meets Little House on the Prairie in this classic family western. It's 1878 and Jake Kincaid has just been released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. His heart is seeking vengeance on those responsible for landing him in jail, but he's also very interested in finding the gold he was accused of stealing. In his quest, Kincaid finds himself in the small lumber town of Fairplay, California. Here he meets a mischievous little girl with a quest of her own, finding someone to fill her lonely heart. Fairplay is plagued by a villainous band hell bent on taking over the town and acquiring the missing gold for themselves. Kincaid learns that love is more powerful than hate and that redemption is more precious than gold as he puts his heart where his treasure is in the final shoot out with the murderous band. Recommended for ages 12+ Running time 98 minutes.


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