From A Mess To A Miracle Paperback Book

Artist: Kimberly Daniels


Barcode: 9781621369738

An unflinching bold look into the strongholds and immorality operating within the church today. When Kimberly Daniels left the streets and came into the church, she thought her struggle was over, believing that she was surrounded by the most loving people in the world. But she soon discovered that there were people in her new life who were just as dangerous to her spiritual health as anyone in her past. In From a Mess to a Miracle she exposes the enemy´?¢s traps that are at work inside of our churches that prevent believers from experiencing a truly transformed life in Christ. She pulls no punches as she teaches believers how to sharpen their spiritual discernment, demolish strongholds, tear down idols and avoid snakes in the pews. 208 pages