• From Beach Hut To Palace Paperback Book
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From Beach Hut To Palace Paperback Book

Artist: James Galloway


Barcode: 9781908393005

In Summer 2007 James and his family spent three weeks in a beach hut in Somerset. They were broken, confused, disappointed and desperate. After 13 years of effort in ministry, they were having to walk away into the unknown. During those three weeks, however, a miracle happened. They received a 'heavenly download', the blueprint of a church God was asking them to build, back in James' home town of Stoke on Trent - consistently described as one of the UK's worst cities. So began a three year rollercoaster ride that has seen Breathe City Church explode in growth, expanding its membership by a factor of 10 with 70% of its growth coming from first time conversions. In this book James shares the blueprint God gave him: 7 cultural pillars that were to utterly redefine the church and its people. This book does not set out to provide a model others can copy to guarantee growth. That would be missing the point. James shows us how to receive our own revelation from God regarding our own town or city. Then he provides a wealth of wise advice on how to implement God's plan and overcome the challenges and obstacles that will certainly exist. A book for every leader who wants to see their church break through and make an impact. 176 Pages.