Get A Life Paperback Book

Artist: Tony Powell


Barcode: 9781903905678

Tony Powell has lived a life of radical obedience to God working with people on the edge of society, first with the police and then with the Royal National Deep Sea Fisherman´?¢s Mission and Shaftesbury Society. The book is a fund of stories and events from Tony´?¢s life and work in ports around the UK and for many years in Battersea, London. The many colourful characters he ministered to, and the interventions of God in their lives, testify to the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord that Tony and his family serve and the power of God to change the roughest and most damaged of lives. An inspiring book in the vein of Chasing the Dragon. ´?¢I have known Tony since his Shaftesbury Christian Centre days´?¢his stories are vivid, deeply inspiring and moving, particularly for those who share God´?¢s concern and love for the poor.´?¢ Rt. Rev. Sandy Millar Tony ´?¢has had at least three lives, each one of them rich and engrossing. I commend this book to all who value reality and straightforwardness in faith.´?¢ Adrian Plass, writer, speaker and broadcaster ´?¢If this book does not challenge and inspire you then you´?¢re in trouble. In fact, I suspect you may already be dead!´?¢ Rev. Eric Delve 208 pages