Getting A Grip on the Basics of Generous Living

Beth Jones


Barcode: 9781680314601

Release date: 01/07/2019

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About this bookÉ Getting a Grip On the Basics of Generous Living is a powerful and comprehensive study guide designed for either individual or group use. This workbook will help to lead both the new and the mature Christian into a sound understanding of GodÕs plan for blessings, success and abundance, along with an understanding of godly stewardship, generosity and Biblical financial principles. By studying the Scriptures and completing this workbook, believers will see that a spirit of generosity has always been the distinguishing mark of GodÕs people. As followers of Christ, tap into GodÕs economic laws, they will experience the timeless truth that generous giving is GodÕs secret for blessed living. HereÕs what youÕll discoverÉ ¥ Abundance As Part of GodÕs Original Plan ¥ Generosity, The Distinguishing Mark of Believers ¥ Increase in the Lives of GodÕs People ¥ The Difference between Materialism and Godly Prosperity ¥ Understanding Stewardship and the Laws of Sowing and Reaping ¥ How a Generous Spirit, Tithing and Giving Affect Your Financial Wealth ¥ Steps to Managing Your Money GodÕs Way Some of the Questions CoveredÉ ¥ Does God Want His Children poor? ¥ IsnÕt God Sovereign When It Comes To Increase and Abundance? ¥ Why ÒGet-Rich QuickÓ Schemes Cannot Have GodÕs Blessing ¥ How Does God Define Spiritual, Relational and Material Prosperity? ¥ Why Does God Wants Us To Be Generous? ¥ Is Money The Root Of All Evil?


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