God And Psychobabble Paperback Book

Kathy Martin


Barcode: 9780768441222

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Psychobabble provides momentary relief, a quick fix, a feel-good remedy to life´?¢s difficulties. But then what? God and Psychobabble challenges the lies and confusion that the world has used to keep people in bondage. God and Psychobabble presents God´?¢s Truth so the world´?¢s walking wounded will be set free. Are you looking for a more abundant, joyful life? The author, a biblical psychotherapist, believes in efforts to make the mind well, saying, ´?¢After all, the mind is the command centre for the entire body. And how can we have any real quality of life when the mind is in a perpetual state of sadness, fear, or torment?´?¢ But where and how does God enter the big picture ´?¢ your mind? God and Psychobabble unlocks your mind. You will learn: - What psychobabble is and what role it plays in your life. - What psychogenic illnesses are. - What psychoneuroimmunology is. - Why the world is currently groaning and suffering from the consequences of its obsession with psychobabble. Psychobabble is how many people deal with life and all of its difficulties and complications; but it inevitably results in the same confusion that the tower-building Babylonians faced ´?¢ unable to communicate deeply, resolving nothing. But there is an Answer! Living an abundant, joyful life means working through ´?¢your truth´?¢ in favour of ´?¢God´?¢s Truth.´?¢ It can be done ´?¢ start today! 236 pages.


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