God's End-Time Calendar Paperback

Artist: Rod Parsley


Barcode: 9781629987033

Revealing the Prophetic Meaning Behind Events Leading to the Dawn of Eternity. God´?¢s End-Time Calendar provides a road map for believers to understand prophetic insights behind biblical seasons, feasts and celebrations. Readers will become prepared for the end of the age and beyond as we head toward the dawn of eternity. Rod Parsley´?¢s unique revelations will: ´?¢ Satisfy readers curiosity about the blood moons and other signs of the times ´?¢ Explain biblical principles and prophetic realities ´?¢ Uncover the deep mysteries of God´?¢s intentions for celestial signs and the celebration of His commanded feasts ´?¢ Deepen understanding of the connection between the old and new covenants ´?¢ Challenge readers to prepare themselves for what lies ahead in the end times and beyond 224 pages