God's Good Economy

Andrew Hartropp


Barcode: 9781783597642

Release date: 15/08/2019

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ÔThe earth is the LordÕsÕ (Ps.24:1). God states that He is the rightful owner of the earth and everything in it. God wants people to enjoy material things Ð but God must be the centre of our lives. ChristÕs radical call to his followers includes the call to let him drive our economic and business life. This means letting GodÕs justice rule all our economic relationships: treating people rightly; a constant seeking of justice for, especially, the poor and needy; working so that all participate in GodÕs blessings, including material blessings.In Part 1, Andrew Hartropp looks at how ChristÕs followers are to do justice in our economic relationships: as individuals, as households, in the workplace and as church communities.Then, moving outward (in concentric circles), Part 2 shows how JesusÕs disciples can do justice in and through secular institutions, including companies and firms, banks and other financial institutions, then government institutions, and then in the international/global context.The epilogue is on the glorious vision of GodÕs everlasting kingdom, which both drives us and also keeps our efforts now in proper perspective.


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