Great Characters Of The Bible Paperback Book

Artist: Alan Stringfellow


Barcode: 9781629110561

How God Used Ordinary People to Accomplish Extraordinary Tasks God chose to teach His spiritual principles through the successes and failures of His people. Great Characters of the Bible is a 52-lesson study of 61 Bible characters who were not all that different from us. They experienced struggles, heartaches, successes and failures. They battled fear, doubt and worry. But they also give testimony to God´?¢s mighty hand moving through the ages, establishing His will through the lives of people like you and me. Standing beside these men and women of the Bible will help you walk closer with God, who included their stories in His Word especially to teach you, to inspire you and to guide and instruct you. As you share in their victories and defeats, you´?¢ll discover how each person was selected by God to fulfill a purpose. By studying them, you will see how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers you for greater service. 240 pages