Greek Apocryphal Gospels, Fragments, and Agrapha

Rick Brannan


Barcode: 9781683590651

Release date: 06/12/2017

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A fascinating insight into the rival religious communities of the early Christian church.These apocryphal texts open a window to understanding the rival religious communities which coexisted with the early church. Written after the ministry of Christ and the apostles, these collections of writings speak contain stories about Jesus that were never part of the canonical Gospels, but nevertheless offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of the early church. These translations by Rick Brannan are perfect for use by students, scholars, and everyday Christians interested in early Christian apocrypha.Lexham Classics are beautifully typeset new editions of classic works. Each book has been carefully transcribed or translated from the original texts, ensuring an accurate representation of the writing as the author intended it to be read.This volume includes:Infancy GospelsThe Protevangelium of JamesThe Infancy Gospel of ThomasPassion GospelsThe Gospel of PeterThe Gospel of Thomas (Greek Fragments)The Gospel of Nicodemus (Acts of Pilate) and the Descent of Christ to HellPost-Resurrection GospelsThe Gospel of MaryFragmentsAgraphaSayings in the Canonical New Testament outside of GospelsSayings in Additions to New Testament MSSSayings in the Apostolic FathersSayings in Justin Martyr.


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