Hats, Mats And Hassocks Paperback Book

Artist: Stuart Matlins


Barcode: 9780340979419

An invaluable and practical guide to religious etiquette for everyone wishing to interact with the different cultures around them. In twenty-first century, multi-cultural Britain, we are increasingly likely to be invited to the wedding, funeral or other religious occasion of a friend, relative or co-worker whose faith is different from our own. Naturally, we are delighted to be asked, but often, soon after we receive the invitation, questions begin to arise: What do I wear? Will I be expected to do anything? Should I take a gift? When do I stand, sit, kneel or close my eyes? With its straightforward and easy to read style, HATS, MATS AND HASSOCKS is the essential how-to guide to hatches, matches and dispatches. From Catholic to Quaker, and from Jewish to Sikh, HATS, MATS AND HASSOCKS covers all the major denominations in the UK today. This easy-to-read guidebook helps the well-meaning guest to feel comfortable, participate as much as possible and avoid violating anyone's religious principles - while enriching their own spiritual understanding. 480 pages