Heaven And The Angels Paperback Book

Artist: H A Baker


Barcode: 9781629110141

H A Baker´?¢s first book, Visions Beyond the Veil, vividly depicted the heavenly revelations that the Chinese boys at Baker´?¢s orphanage received, as well as the miracles that followed. These experiences transformed Baker´?¢s life and mission work, and he felt led to gather the best sources on visions and revelations of heaven that had come to his attention. The result, Heaven and the Angels, is a narrative of heavenly life based on personal accounts´?¢drawn from books, articles, letters, tracts and interviews´?¢of those who described seeing heaven after having received visions or been raised from the dead. These accounts provide revelation on such areas as... ´?¢ The New Jerusalem and heavenly mansions ´?¢ The ever-present light and life of Jesus ´?¢ The delights and service of heaven´?¢s inhabitants ´?¢ Our future perfection in body, soul, and spirit ´?¢ The duties of angels, in heaven and on earth ´?¢ How believers can participate with heaven today Since the place to which we ultimately journey should be of great concern and interest to us, we must find out all we can about the blessed Land of Promise. Yet heaven is more than something to be experienced after we die. As Baker affirms in this book, the miraculous power of God and the ministry of angels are available to every believer today. 176 pages