Heaven & Hell: From God A Message Of Faith Paperback Book

Artist: Retha & Aldo McPherson


Barcode: 9780768442083

Heaven & Hell is the second book co-authored by Retha McPherson and her teenage son Aldo. It tells of Aldo´?¢s miraculous healing and their supernatural journey since a car accident almost claimed Aldo´?¢s life in 2004. The book contains journal entries in Aldo´?¢s own handwriting wherein he warns the bride of Christ to be ready for the soon arrival of the King. During Aldo´?¢s coma Jesus took him to heaven and hell. ´?¢Aldo rarely wanted to talk or write about hell. Jesus said he had to wait for the right time,´?¢ Retha explains. She goes on to say, ´?¢That time is now here. He recently told me Jesus said to him, ´?¢Aldo, tell My bride ´?¢ BE PREPARED, I am coming soon.´?¢´?¢ Aldo´?¢s letters will open your eyes to the reality of heaven and hell and the implications of your choices here on earth. The book explains that the road of dying to self and living in Christ is what purifies the bride, and this can only be done if you walk by faith and not by sight ´?¢ believing that God is who He says He is. 304 pages