• Holier Than Thou
  • Holier Than Thou

Holier Than Thou

Jackie Hill Perry


Barcode: 9781535975711

Release date: 17/08/2021

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Why is it so hard to trust God sometimes?

We say we trust Him with our mouths, but often not with our lives. We live like God can't be trusted. Like He doesn't actually want what is best for us. Like He is just another person who, as Eve assumed in the Garden all those years ago, might hold out on us.

Bestselling author Jackie Hill Perry, in her much anticipated follow-up to Gay Girl, Good God, helps us find the reason we don't trust God - we misunderstand His holiness.

In Holier Than Thou, Jackie walks us through Scripture, shaking the dust off of 'holy' as we've come to know it and revealing it for what it really is.

In these pages, we will see that God is not like us. He is different. He is holy. And that's exactly what makes Him trustworthy. As it turns out, God being 'holier than thou' is actually the best news in the world, and it's the key to trusting Him. 


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