How To Make Your Life More Effective Paperback

Artist: Herbert Lockyer


Barcode: 9781629111858

How come I´?¢m not making a difference? Shouldn´?¢t life be more than working and sleeping? Why isn´?¢t my life more fulfilling? Your life is a trust from God, something to be used for His glory. Unfortunately, far too many people ´?¢ even good Christian people ´?¢ are poor stewards of how they spend their lives. Their preoccupation with material things and trivial issues keeps them from investing their time and energy in more satisfying ways. Let renowned Bible scholar Dr Herbert Lockyer show you how effective life can be when even a part of it is devoted to the service of God´?¢s kingdom. In moving detail, Lockyer lays out the many ways in which busy Christians can spend their hours to make a difference, including... Working with children; Evangelism; Counselling; Home visitation; Assisting disabled people; Financial stewardship and much more! You´?¢ll be surprised at how fulfilling life can be when a portion of it is devoted to heavenly ends. 176 pages