I Give You Authority Paperback Book

Artist: Charles Kraft


Barcode: 9780800795245

Revised and updated You carry an amazing amount of Holy Spirit power. With incredible insight, respected scholar and teacher Dr. Charles Kraft helps awaken you to the extraordinary authority you have been given through the Holy Spirit ´?¢ the same Spirit who empowered Jesus. Do you know how to wield it? He will show you how to properly, wisely exercise and release this authority into and over all areas of life ´?¢ both your own and others´?¢. You can transform and free lives from the oppressing power of Satan. We are at war, but we have the authority and power of Jesus to wage it. Fight with confidence and assurance, knowing that whatever the powers of darkness can muster, you can defeat them. You have the authority of heaven itself. How will you use it? 352 pages.