I Wanna Be... A Woman Of God! Paperback Book

Beth Redman


Barcode: 9780340862261

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What does it mean to be a young woman designed by God, and to live his way? Beth Redman, bestselling author of Soul Sista, has written a unique, much-needed new book to affirm and encourage young women in their relationship with God and with others. The author sets out to fight the 'women's disease' of today's society: paranoia, inferiority and insecurity. From a strong scriptural basis, she draws out the need to learn to be secure, without comparing ourselves to others: to 'run the race marked out for you' in your own lane, forgetting where everyone else is. Returning to God's original design for women and his love for them, Beth asserts that Eve was not an afterthought, and that the biblical role of 'helper' has long been abused. A true helper is strong, protective and wise, and these are qualities to be embraced by young women, whether single or married. Resolute and practical, this book addresses the issues they face in working out their faith: ´?¢being vigilant against 'infection' - that is, gossip or comparisons, and the freedom that comes with this security in themselves; ´?¢how to approach the exercising of gifts in the church without 'feminist aggression'; ´?¢how to heal self esteem, body image, and relationships; ´?¢forgiveness; ´?¢believing and speaking the best - clinging to God's truth; ´?¢being all that God designed them to be. A powerful, empowering guidebook for women in their late teens and twenties, it's the spiritual equivalent of a day at a health farm, but with deeper, longer-lasting benefits! 144 pages


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