I Was Staggering Through The Dark Until You Found Me CD

Artist: BrightLine


Barcode: 761856483200

Release date: 10/08/2018


BrightLine are a Manchester-based indie-pop band. Think feel good music, catchy melodies, driven by synths and guitars, then add a bit of beat boxing and you’ve got BrightLine. They are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

Hailing from five different parts of the world (Portugal, Mexico, Wales, Kent and Preston) the band started in September 2013 after all five members completed Message Academy, a training year in youth work and evangelism run by award-winning youth charity The Message Trust. 

BrightLine have been visiting schools all across the UK and beyond, for the last few years, delivering lessons, assemblies and workshops to young people of all ages as well as gigging throughout the UK and Europe. BrightLine’s mission is to bring a message of hope and life to a hurting world. ‘I Was Staggering Through The Dark Until You Found Me’ is their latest album, featuring 11 tracks.

1 – Ephesians 5:14
2 – Zombie
3 – Crazy
4 – Timeless Truth, Pt. I (feat. Billy Graham)
5 – The Moment
6 – Treat Me Right
7 – Pull Me Through
8 – Never Let You Go
9 – Timeless Truth, Pt. II (feat. Billy Graham)
10 – Walking on Waves
11 – Electric Feeling