In The Wilderness Paperback Book

Artist: Lance Wubbels


Barcode: 9780768442168

Have you experienced one of the following: The tragic loss of a loved one? Overwhelming financial hardship? A crippling diagnosis? Shattered dreams? Where is God in the midst of it all? ´?¢Closer than you think.´?¢ Using Biblical examples and relevant real-life stories, authors Ron DiCianni and Lance Wubbels encourage anyone at any stage of a wilderness experience. They remind you that complete reliance on God´?¢s unfailing love and presence will take you from surviving a wilderness to thriving in it! In the Wilderness gives you: ´?¢ Encouragement through your season ´?¢ Insight about the purpose, spiritual growth and wisdom available in a wilderness ´?¢ Power to emerge from the wilderness stronger than before Everyone travels through the wilderness. This book empowers you to never give up and use the journey for growth and empowerment. 176 pages