Interceding For Revival Paperback Book

Artist: Andrew Baguley


Barcode: 9781905991501

"This book is the spiritual biography of a man who has 'given his attention to prayer and the ministry of the world.' (Acts 6:4) Having partnered Andrew in prayer for several years, I know that in this book he has, in great humility and vulnerability, shared with us the experience of his time set apart with God. Through rigorous biblical exposition and meditation on the Word, he sounds God's trumpet call to pray for revival in the United Kingdom. Each chapter focuses on a biblical character through whom we gain new insights on their prayer life which will impact our own. The chapter on Ananias challenges us to be obedient to God even in the face of evidence to the contrary. Perhaps a similar act of obedience in the reader may spark a move of God through the nations. This book is rich in examples from Andrew's ministry and other contemporary leaders which will encourage you to pray for your family, church, community and nation. This book will encourage those who are committed to praying for revival to new depths of prayer and bring forward a move of God amongst us!" Rev Paul Wilson, Chair, Methodist Evangelicals Together. 128 Pages