Introducing The Apocrypha

David A. DeSilva


Barcode: 9780801097416

Release date: 01/03/2018

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This comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the Old Testament apocryphal books summarizes their context, message, and significance. It is the most substantial introduction to the Apocrypha available and has become a standard authority on the topic. The new edition has been substantially revised and updated throughout to reflect the latest scholarship.ContentsForeword by James H. CharlesworthPreface to the Second EditionPreface to the First Edition1. Introduction: The Value of the Apocrypha2. Historical Context: The Yoke of the Gentiles3. Tobit: Better Is Almsgiving with Justice4. Judith: Hear Me Also, a Widow5. Greek Esther: The Aid of the All-Seeing God and Savior6. Wisdom of Solomon: The Righteous Live Forever7. Wisdom of Ben Sira: In All Wisdom There Is the Doing of Torah8. Baruch: Return with Tenfold Zeal to Seek God9. Letter of Jeremiah: They Are Not Gods, So Do Not Fear Them10. Additions to Daniel: Let Them Know That You Alone Are God11. 1 Maccabees: The Family through Which Deliverance Was Given12. 2 Maccabees: There Is Some Power of God about the Place13. 1 Esdras: Leave to Us a Root and a Name14. Prayer of Manasseh: The God of Those Who Repent15. Psalm 151: He Made Me Shepherd of His Flock16. 3 Maccabees: Blessed Be the Deliverer of Israel!17. 2 Esdras: The Mighty One Has Not Forgotten18. 4 Maccabees: Noble Is the ContestIndexes


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