Invading Babylon Paperback Book

Various Authors


Barcode: 9780768403350

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You were transformed to transform your world! For too long, Christianity has been defined by a false concept of church. As a result, believers have built walls around their lives, keeping culture at a distance. As Christians have tried to keep culture out of the church, unfortunately, the church has kept itself out of the culture. This was never Jesus´?¢ design for the your life! Before church was established as a place that people ´?¢came to,´?¢ Jesus instituted it as an army that brought transformation to society, starting with salvation and continuing with seven spheres of influence: Church, family, education, government, media, arts and commerce. Six revolutionary voices in the modern church deliver Invading Babylon. This essential guide will equip you to: ´?¢ Understand your vital role in shaping society. ´?¢ Release God´?¢s will in your sphere of influence. ´?¢ Become an unstoppable citizen in God´?¢s Kingdom. It´?¢s your time to arise and be a light in a dark world. 192 pages


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