Is God Listening?: Secrets that Turn Talking to God into Walking With God

Rick Shelton


Barcode: 9781680311969

Release date: 01/09/2018

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13 Secrets to Finding the Secret Place

If prayer is so wonderful why do we struggle with it so much? The answer is simple. Prayer is a secret place. Many try to enter there with their head instead of their heart, and prayer becomes an obligation and a duty. They are tempted to think, Is God Listening? They try prayer for a while, but end up discouraged when it doesn't seem to produce the desired results.

Rick Shelton has discovered there are secrets to the secret place! When you find the secrets, prayer becomes a loving relationship with the Creator of the universe - not a performance before God. Instead of praying for God to reward you, God becomes the reward. God is the treasure hidden in a field; prayer is digging for that treasure.

The purpose of this book is to take you on a journey digging in that field until you unearth the secrets that turn a boring prayer life into one that satisfies every longing in your soul. Rick unearthed these secrets through 40 years of prayer, and he's passionate about showing you what he's found.


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