Jesus Killed My Church Paperback Book

Artist: Randy Bohlender


Barcode: 9780768403190

God is forever writing our story, and He gives us the dignity of being able to introduce characters that occasionally wrinkle the plot. Often we fear that we´?¢ve permanently changed the trajectory of what might have been if we´?¢d only been more obedient or pious. He smiles at this. He alone knows how many pages He has left before He needs to bring resolve, and He knows that it´?¢s going to be okay. Jesus Killed My Church is the story of a church plant that should have gone gangbusters yet managed to go bust, and a church planter who learned that the only measure of success is recognising the leadership of Jesus as perfect. Randy Bohlender relays his lessons learned in a humorous way that drives home a point ´?¢ that God has a plan even when ours fall apart. 208 pages