Jesus - the End and the Beginning

Telford Work


Barcode: 9781540960542

Release date: 01/04/2019

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Telford Work examines some of the most important ways Jesus is the omega and the alpha--the end and the beginning. Jesus alone fulfills the divine purpose for all things, brings about the end of the old world's evil and suffering, and is the beginning of eternity's new creation. This core conviction is one of the deepest logics that shapes Christian thinking and life.Jesus--the End and the Beginning offers a unique, big-picture introduction to how Jesus's life and death shape Christian theology and practice and helps readers fully understand Jesus's transformation of all things. The author uses Jesus's life and death as an entry point into understanding Christian theology, offering readers an accessible way to understand elusive and abstract theological concepts. Most chapters feature a central biblical character who illustrates the book's thesis. Professors and students in introduction to theology, Christology, soteriology, eschatology, and other theology courses will value this work. It will also be of interest to pastors and church leaders.


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