Joseph And His Brethren DVD

Various Artists


Barcode: 095163888053

Release date: 06/07/2015

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From the pages of the Old Testament comes the true story of Joseph (Geoffrey Horne), from his humble beginnings in Canaan to his eventual rise to power in Egypt. The son of Jacob and Rachel, Joseph is given a coat of many colours as a sign of his father's favour. Angered by his coat and his dreams of his brothers bowing down to him, Joseph's brothers fake his death and sell him into slavery.

Yet, what his brothers intend for harm, God uses for good to accomplish His perfect will. While in Egypt, Joseph gains a position of authority in the household of his master, Potiphar (Robert Morley), and later in the house of Pharaoh, setting the stage for one of the most unlikely family reunions of all time.


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