Journey Into Love Paperback Book

Artist: Nicola Neal


Barcode: 9781908393333

This book tells the compelling story of one woman's journey. It is a journey of discovery: of the profound depths of God's love; of the unquenchable grace He pours into and through our lives; of God's joy and commitment to us, every single day of our lives... In March 2009, Nicola Neal moved with her family to live permanently in a nation none of them had ever visited. All she had was God's promise: 'I am taking you there to teach you how to love.' Following this step of obedience began a rollercoaster adventure of dramatic highs and crushing lows as together they confronted the most unimaginable poverty and need. Yet, we read how, in the face of overwhelming circumstances and towering odds, love triumphs again and again. God's love in action has the power to transform individuals, families and even whole communities. In this beautifully written book Nicola shares timeless truths woven through extraordinary stories of love and grace. 176 pages