Just Such A Time

Artist: Lindsay Bruce


Barcode: 9781908393753

Release date: 01/11/2017

£7.19 (was £7.99)
"Lindsay illustrates, through her own experiences, how God can use us, and has a purpose for us, just where we are, whatever we are going through, and however difficult our circumstances."
FIONA CASTLE, Author, President of Activate Your Life

"With courageous honesty, classic storytelling and clear theology Lindsay shares the barriers, the bruises and the breakthroughs on the road to finding and fulfilling God's purpose for her life."

Plans. Good plans. Of this, the Bible tells us, we can be sure. But what if the things we imagined are thwarted by sickness, bereavement or unforeseen circumstances? What then? When serious health issues forced Lindsay out of work and ministry, she found herself questioning what she believed about purpose amidst pain. She was convinced the "polished" Lindsay was the one God would use. Then, like the Psalm says, He made her lie down. A revelation came one day whilst reading Esther"s story. Rather than seeing a girl at her destiny"s end, she saw a girl, in the place God had positioned her, obediently speaking the words needed to bring freedom. If Esther was born for "just such a time", then maybe we are too? What if today, equipped by the Holy Spirit, this is your "just such a time"? Would it change your outlook on life? Would it reignite your purpose? Would it fan into flame the gifts laid to one side? Believe again... for Just Such a Time.