Key Of David CD

Jason Upton


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Jason and Rachel Upton named this CD "Key of David" because God has anointed the prophetic worship led by them and there team with a "breaker anointing" (Judges 5:2 Hebrew "when the breakers break through in Israel" or "when those who loosen unbind in Israel"). This is an anointing of prophetic worship which unlocks hearts to the Lord of Glory and sets hearts on fire for His Kingdom purposes.
The 'Key of David' unlocks hearts and minds in these extraordinary times of worship through the Keyhole of purity and transparency of heart, seen so clearly in the Uptons, and through the fire of God's intimate presence which comes so powerfully in worshipers seeking His face. The 'Key of David' is mentioned in Revelation 3:7 to refer to the absolute authority of Heaven in Jesus' hands to open the doors that no one can shut and to close the doors that no one can open. But the 'Key of David' is first mentioned in Isaiah 22:22, where it denotes a fatherly authority, a pivotal place of opening up the riches of the House of David-God's blessing, God's presence, and God's glory-to God's people. I believe the Lord is going to use worship like this to birth whole generations into His Kingdom in fire.


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