Land Without Borders DVD

John A. Beck


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Release date: 02/07/2018

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“Wilderness is not just an ecosystem—it’s a season of life.” John Beck. We may be familiar with the people and stories of Scripture. But have we considered how the geography of the Bible factors into those accounts? John Beck has. He loves Scripture, and he loves how geography brings Bible reading to life. Once you understand the correlation of geography to story, he says, “You will read your Bible in a way that you’ve never read it before.” In  Land Without Borders , John takes a small group hiking through the wilderness of the Holy Land to help them grasp how barren it is. Join John in this six-part adventure and see how the landscape plays into your spiritual experience. You’ll understand how biblical authors incorporated the elements of wilderness into their stories and learn to trust God within your own spiritual wilderness. Experience wilderness in a whole new way as you hike the Holy Land with John and his friends. You’ll see how God uses these “wilderness times” in our lives to humble us, test us, and teach us. In such times, we understand who God is and how we belong to Him. Part 1: John defines the seven qualities of a physical wilderness, from how vast and rugged it is to the fact that it has no borders. Part 2: Having explained what physical wilderness is, John demonstrates how God uses spiritual wilderness in our lives as seasons for growth.


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