Leading From Horseback

Jim Cowart


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Release date: 18/09/2018

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Horses are accustomed to leaders. They want a leader. They expect a leader. A person becomes a leader of horses by making the horse move his or her feet—like the dominant mare in the pasture. She asserts and establishes her position by making the other horses move. She applies subtle pressure, such as pinning her ears. If that doesn’t work, she increases the pressure with a nip or a kick until she gets the other horse to move away from her. Lead horses in wild herds discipline young horses who are being unruly, by using the horse equivalent of a “time out.” They drive the trouble maker out of the herd until the rebel is contrite and changes behavior. When he or she starts acting like a respectable citizen again, the horse is allowed back in. The world of horsemanship has much to teach us about ministry leadership. From the first bridle to horse’s last day in the barn, horse-lovers know that life with a horse is a complicated, challenging, beautiful, and sometimes bewildering experience. It takes Patience, Partnership, Communication, Trust, and Preparation—among other qualities—to train and enjoy life with a horse. Those same qualities are essential in good leaders. Jim Cowart, a pastor and horseman, shares leadership lessons he’s learned in the stables of Georgia, working with horses and professional trainers. Cowart also shares distinct insights from Australia’s legendary horseman Clinton Anderson. Written in Cowart’s easygoing style, and full of humor, this book brings a light and engaging touch to a serious subject, and is packed with practical advice and instruction. Jim Cowart is the founding pastor of Harvest Church, a United Methodist congregation in Warner Robins, GA, near Macon. Harvest Church, launched in 2001, has an average attendance of nearly 3,000 each weekend. The church grows primarily through professions of faith from new Christians. Jim is the author or coauthor of Start This Stop That, Grab-Gather and Grow, Living the Five, Grounded in Prayer, and Grounded in Creed. Jim serves as a trainer and coach, helping pastors launch and maintain healthy church environments. For more information go to harvestchurch4u.org. Serenity Al Jannat, who answers to the name, Seri, is a Straight Egyptian Arabian mare from the Dahmah Shahwan Strain. She can trace her lineage back to King Solomon’s stables in Israel, but now lives in Middle Georgia with her best buddy Jim Arch Cowart.


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