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Learning To Love Paperback Book

Rolland Baker


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Rolland and Heidi Baker founded IRIS Ministries in 1980. After conducting missions across Asia for several years and later planting a church among the homeless in central London, they received a strong call to minister to the world's poorest nation: Mozambique. They encountered an unprecedented outpouring of God's Spirit in Mozambique and have since planted almost 10,000 churches across the nation and bordering countries. They have seen God's miraculous power in supernatural provision and countless healings. Continuing where their previous book left off, the narrative of 'Learning to Love' covers the last 5 years of the IRIS journey in a unique package: - The narrative is interspersed with devotional reflections from Heidi Baker at the end of each chapter - The book is packed with black and white photos from Rolland Baker's stunning collection Readers will be inspired by how much God can accomplish when we simply say 'Yes' to His will. Review by Bill Johnson, Bethel Church: Learning to Love is a compelling story of the day-to-day workings of one of the world's most amazing ministries through one of the world's most amazing couples. Church history testifies to this fact. And thankfully, it's happening now, not hundreds of years ago. The setting is Mozambique, Africa, where everything seems to be experienced in the extreme. This book has been birthed out of a life of deep contrasts-great suffering and great joy, extreme poverty and supernatural supply, tragic loss followed by great gain and advancement. There has been so much opposition and persecution, so much loss and daily opportunity for discouragement and giving up. But you won't find that theme here. This book is a book of victory, healings, salvations, overcoming insurmountable odds, and the continuous celebration and joy in the goodness of God that meets every need presented. Rolland and Heidi Baker impact on my life is hard to articulate without sounding careless with flattery. Yet everything I could say is understated. They illustrate the fullness of Jesus' life and ministry in a greater measure than is normally seen or heard of in our day. All the elements that make up a true kingdom lifestyle of significance are theirs and are increasing-the sheer number of conversions, transformation of society, purity in heart and life, and demonstrations of power, including resurrections from the dead. All these things testify of the wonder of the Lord Jesus Christ working in and through them. Their impact on Mozambique is legendary, especially considering the measure of darkness that overshadowed that nation when they arrived so many years ago. But though these measurements may provide a legitimate standard for examining their "success," their outstanding feature is unquestionably love. Hence, the title of this book: Learning to Love. Everything listed above flows from this one thing-love. They love. And they love well. Simply put, Learning to Love raises the bar on our understanding of the normal Christian life. Rolland and Heidi Baker would be the first to tell us that they are normal believers with an extraordinary God, and what they do is meant to be the norm. The simplicity of their devotion to Christ is alarming. And the measure of power that they and their team live in is breathtaking. Because of this, much happens out in the bush with tribes that have never before heard the gospel. The setting is almost always dangerous, from the treacherous roads, to flying to remote villages, to finding a way across the sea in a boat to reach the unreached, to the angry witch doctors who are threatened by their presence. The day-to-day takes on a whole new meaning as you are taken on the adventure of giving the gospel to hungry people in remote places and seeing the goodness of God demonstrated time and time again. Healings happen easily, and so many have come to the Lord because of this willing and giving ministry. Life as usual pales in the light of these stories. This book stirs up a hunger for the "more"-at any cost. They have not tried to deviate from the standard or example that Jesus gave us. Love is supreme. Settling for life without power is unacceptable. Going into the darkest places on earth to find the lost is the mandate: no excuses. This is how they live. And we are the better for it.


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