Legacy Now Hardback

Phil Munsey


Barcode: 9781599792590

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Life is more than a string of events ´?¢ it is part of a chain that links you to the eternal purpose of God. Taking responsibility for your legacy is simply assuring your relationships and resources will outlive and outlast your time on this earth. Legacy helps readers look at their lives from a personal, generational and eternal perspective showing them how their destiny is in their DNA and taking them on a step-by-step journey on building a legacy that lasts. This compelling, well-written book is packed with practical ideas and action steps, and contains compelling stories to illustrate the principles of a legacy, which include: ´?¢ Faith: leaving behind what you believe ´?¢ Family: the seed in every action ´?¢ Finances: your treasure is not just for your pleasure ´?¢ Former Life: dealing with and healing iniquity ´?¢ Future Life: living for generations to come 176 pages


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