Listening to Love

Beth Wiseman


Barcode: 9780529118714

Release date: 03/10/2019

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Englischer Natalie Collins looks forward to Friday night suppers at Levi and Mary ShetlerÕs house every week: delicious food, wonderful conversation with her Amish friends, and, best of all, the presence of LeviÕs older brother Lucas. Natalie and Lucas have become best friends despite their different backgrounds. They share a love of books, and he is teaching her about God in a way that she can understand.But the closer they become, the more opinions everyone seems to have. Levi and Mary, LucasÕs family, and even NatalieÕs motherÑwhose own life is a mess at the momentÑhave concerns about their relationship. Why canÕt everyone understand that itÕs possible to just be friends? Besides, they couldnÕt be together even if they wanted to be. Lucas would never leave the Amish faith, and Natalie is Englisch and pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine.But when a terrifying accident happens, Natalie and Lucas are forced to confront their true feelings and decide if they can stay true to themselves and each other. The second novel in the Amish Journeys series by bestselling author Beth Wiseman explores the compromises and sacrifices it takes to truly listen to love.


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