Love to Eat, Hate to Eat

Elyse Fitzpatrick


Barcode: 9780736980111

Release date: 12/05/2020

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Feeling Out of Control and Longing for Help to Make the Change You Crave? Counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick knows the power food has over our lives, and she wants to share with you all she learned when she invited God into her struggle. Through storytelling and personal application, she will help you: • identify the destructive eating habits holding you captive and replace them with biblical truths • break the vicious cycle of emotional eating you’re caught in and look to God for comfort • develop a flexible plan suited to your unique situation to help you build healthier habits After years of futile dieting, you know there’s more to weight control than what you eat. You won’t find secret recipes or magic answers that will solve all your problems, but you will find a God who loves you and knows everything about you…where you’ve been and where you’re going. A God who can transform your heart and change your life.


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