Making The Best Of Stress

Mark McMinn


Barcode: 9780830819812

Release date: 31/07/2000

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We are flooded with bills, expectations, deadlines, exercise routines, church responsibilities, investments, the needs of our children and much more. It can be hard, and we listen eagerly to gurus offering the secret for escaping stress.

But psychologist Mark McMinn thinks trying to eliminate all stress from our lives is a bad idea. For one thing, that attempt only adds to our stress, since it's nothing but a fantasy that we might live stress-free lives. But for another, stress gives us opportunities we would otherwise never find for growth and insight.

In this surprising, hope-giving book, McMinn shows how we can use the inevitable hassles of life to become stronger in the fruit of the Spirit. Making the Best of Stress helps us turn the unavoidable pressures of daily living to our advantage - and to the service of discipleship.


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