Money Mastery: Making Sense of Making Money for Making a Difference

Billy Epperhart


Barcode: 9781680312317

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As Matthew 6:24 says, You cannot serve both God and money. But unfortunately, many people serve money without ever having made a conscious choice to do so.

By not learning how to manage your money, you become a servant to your finances. Even though you may have a heart that wants to boldly serve God, you can end up serving money by default simply because of your financial situation in life.

Money Mastery is a book that offers a spiritual and practical guide to becoming the master of your own money. Learn how to build wealth, not for wealth's sake, but for the power, as 2 Corinthians 9, "to be able to give to every good cause!"

Money Mastery is here to help! It's loaded with spiritual principles and practical tools that will empower you to master your money.

M.B.A. Billy Epperhart shares: 

  • Why God wants you wealthy
  • The Triple X Factor of £££ mastery with practical steps, charts, and checklists
  • Seven steps to financial freedom
  • Using wealth to partner with God to help others and impact nations


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