Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching

Joel B. Green


Barcode: 9780801027215

Release date: 01/12/2003

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With the ongoing development of critical biblical studies, exegesis has become an academic discipline that often stands quite apart from the weekly homiletical work of the clergy. The two endeavors, interpretation and proclamation, which at one time were mutually informed and supportive, are now practically divided by divergent methods, interests, and goals. Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching provides an exegetical and homiletical approach that seeks to break down these barriers.The opening chapter charts a model for bridging this gap, setting down the framework for a narrative approach to reading and preaching the Bible that is ecclesially located, theologically fashioned, and critically engaged. A narrative reading of Scripture acknowledges the claim of the whole to be God's story and allows for the theological unity of the varied materials that relate the events of creation, redemption, and consummation.In an innovative and practical approach, the authors of the remaining chapters elaborate on the scope and value of narrative reading and preaching. Successive exegetical discussions consider the issues involved in interpreting the Gospels and Acts, the Epistles, and the Book of Revelation. Each exegetical chapter includes an exemplary reading by a New Testament scholar and is followed by a homiletical reflection that considers the exegesis from a preacher's perspective and provides a sample sermon on the passage. In this way, the authors provide distinctive yet intertwined applications of a narrative approach to both the interpretative and the homiletical tasks.Seminarians, pastors, and students of the Bible will find here an engaging study that provides practical guidance for both exegesis and sermon preparation. Chapter contributors include the editors, James W. Thompson, William H. Willimon, Charles L. Campbell, and Stanley P. Saunders.


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