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Nikolai Rublenko was a high school student and son of devout Christian parents. He lived behind the Iron Curtain. His father was under KGB surveillance for Christian activities.
Nikolai was a sincere Christian, an outstanding student and a gifted athlete. He wanted to go to university, become a lawyer and perhaps be able to help struggling Christians. All he had to do was compromise along the way, not mention his faith, and join the Young Pioneers Youth organization. And, one more thing - he would need to cooperate with the authorities by turning in evidence on his father's ministry. If he did not go along, not only would Nikolai's academic and athletic aspirations be sidetracked, but his entire school class would be penalized. Only Nikolai could decide!
This gripping, dramatic film will cause every believer, but especially young people, to take a new and deeper look at the meaning of Christian commitment. Ideal for illustrating the price some have to pay to honour their faith. A useful discussion starter for 11-15 year olds as well as for wider audiences.
Running Time: 30 minutes


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