One True Story, One True God

Mark S. Young


Barcode: 9781913135287


Release Date: 06/04/2021

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The big questions of life require a big story to answer them.

The world is full of stories that shape our perspective. And the Bible is the most audacious of them all. It claims to be the one true narrative that tells the beginning-to-end story of the one true God. Any other view of the Bible—as literature, law or moral guide—falls short.

Reading the Bible as a story allows it to touch the deeper spaces of the heart. It begs us to ask the big questions. It invites us to find ourselves in the magnificent tale of God’s love. No other story does that. That’s a story we must not ignore.

From the creation of the world to Jesus’ return, there is one story at work in our world: God’s story. And that is precisely the story the Bible teaches us. Come and explore the one true story of our world that we find in the Bible and gain a fresh understanding of where you fit into it.


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