Oprah's Jesus Paperback Book

Kurt & Olivia Bruner


Barcode: 9780768431391

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Is there a difference between Oprah's faith and your faith? What does the queen of daytime believe about God? And why should you care? When it comes to religion, one of the most respected voices of the past decade is not a pastor, evangelist, priest, or rabbi-it is a warm, articulate woman whose presence dominates daytime television and grocery store check-out stands. Millions of adoring fans view Oprah as a long-term friend and trusted spiritual mentor. But some find themselves troubled by a genre of spirituality that seems out of step with traditional religion. Oprah's Jesus clears up some of the confusion by inviting Oprah's spiritual mentors to clarify how closely their beliefs align with orthodox Christianity. Author Kurt Bruner tackles a right-now, red-hot topic head-on with open and respectful conversations that present the facts for readers to consider. He takes seriously the disillusionment many feel toward traditional Christianity, sharing stories from those who have left traditional Christianity for a more "inclusive" form of spirituality. Kurt seeks to bridge some of the gap between those who see many paths to God and those who take seriously Jesus' claim to be the only way.


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