Organic Christianity Paperback Book

Ron McIntosh


Barcode: 9780768438666

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Have you ever wondered why the most powerful entity on the planet, the Kingdom of God, doesn´?¢t work like it should? Why don´?¢t we see more people reached, touched, delivered, healed and whole? Why are so many Christians bound, stagnated, frustrated and lacking change? Could it be that we´?¢ve lost the organic essence of the Gospel? Somehow we´?¢ve taken the most powerful message on the planet and turned it into religion. Organic Christianity is a call back to intimacy with God that will free us to find the life we were born to live. When you see the real, organic message of the Gospel, it will liberate you to find a life fully alive. This book will cause you to see the organic meaning of love, grace, righteousness and faith that will move you into the fullness of God´?¢s Kingdom. Organic Christianity challenges us to strip away all our traditions and lists of ´?¢dos and don´?¢ts´?¢ and get back to basics. Pure, unadulterated, ´?¢no additives or preservatives´?¢ Christianity! The simplest equation in the world is: Jesus + Nothing = Everything


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