Origins Of The Universe: The Great Debate DVD



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A discussion of the popular question: Was the universe created or did it just evolve?
For many years a heated debate has raged between evolutionists and creationists, with the question at the core of it all being, �Was the universe created or did it come into existence on its own without any outside interference?� In Origins of the Universe, seven experts who have devoted their lives to the study of this question hope to guide us to some kind of solid answer. These experts include Dr Terry Mortenson, Ken Ham, Dr PZ Meyers, Dr Georgia Purdom, Dr David Menton, Dr Jason Lisle and Dr Polly Winsor. The world around us contains many complex systems that work so perfectly together, sparking the question, �Do these things happen by chance, or do they happen by design?�
Hosted by Todd Cantelon.


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