Passion In The Pulpit

Jerry Vines & Adam B. Dooley


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How to exegete the emotion of Scripture.

Biblical exegesis doesn't stop with the words alone. Faithful preachers exegete the emotion of the text as well.

It's easy to let our own personalities dictate the emotional dimension of our sermons, but the best preachers mirror the Bible's emotive intent in their sermons.

In "Passion in the Pulpit", Jerry Vines and Adam Dooley will teach you how to exegete not just the verbal content of Scripture, but its emotional appeal as well. They show you the role the Bible's emotional intent should play in each stage of sermon prep, and:

- Offer exegetical steps to discern the biblical pathos
- Teach you how to avoid manipulation while making your sermons emotional
- Help you determine the appropriate limitations of emotional appeal
- Give you verbal, vocal, and visual techniques to help convey the biblical emotional intent in your sermons

When we elevate the Bible's emotional intent above our own, we preach truth rather than personality.


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