People, Pigs And Principalities Paperback Book

Artist: Don Dickerman


Release date: n/a

£9.89 (was £10.99)

Whether we are aware or unaware, we are all involved in the activity of angels and demons. The true stories in this book will amaze and inspire readers to explore God-s supernatural world.
The supernatural world is real and all around you. This book contains personal accounts of experiences both light and dark as well as insightful teachings and testimonies about angels and demons.
Relating the inspirational story of his youngest son-s interaction with angels at the age of seven, Dickerman uses the miraculous events in his own life to share what led him to explore God-s supernatural world. Readers will be inspired when they see the reality and -normality- of the spirit realm, which is confirmed by God-s Word.
The book also includes testimonies of people who have encountered angels and accounts of experiences Dickerman has gained through 40 years of prison ministry and 19 years of deliverance ministry.
240 pages