Promise, Law, Faith

T. David Gordon

Hard Cover

Barcode: 9781683072089

Release date: 01/08/2019

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In Promise, Law, Faith, T. David Gordon argues that Paul uses Òpromise/?pa??e??a,Ó Òlaw/??µ??,Ó and Òfaith/p?st??Ó in Galatians to denote three covenant-administrations by synecdoche (a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa), and that he chose each synecdoche because it characterized the distinctive (but not exclusive) feature of that covenant. For instance, Gordon argues, the Abrahamic covenant was characterized by three remarkable promises made to an aging couple (to have numerous descendants, who would inherit a large, arable land, and the ÒSeedÓ of whom would one day bless all the nations of the world); the Sinai covenant was characterized by the many laws given (both originally at Sinai and later in the remainder of the Mosaic corpus); and the New Covenant is characterized by faith in the dying and rising of Christ.


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