Prophetic Like Jesus Paperback

Jeff Eggers


Barcode: 9780768407204

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The prophetic ministry was never meant to be hyper-spiritual, spooky or off limits to every day Christians. You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you ´?¢ this means that you too can prophesy! In Prophetic Like Jesus, veteran leader and prophetic minister Jeff Eggers shares an easy-to-understand guidebook that shows you how to make prophecy practical in your life. Get ready to: ´?¢ Hear God´?¢s voice with greater clarity and accuracy by understanding the different ways that He speaks ´?¢ Unlock the supernatural gifts and prophetic abilities that the Holy Spirit has placed within you ´?¢ Practice sharing prophetic words with others and develop your gift ´?¢ Discover how you can begin prophesying today Hearing God´?¢s voice is not difficult; it is one of the most natural things you will ever do as a Christian. It´?¢s time to listen to Heaven, say what God is saying, and empower others to experience God´?¢s love, power and destiny as you prophesy!


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