Prophets And Visionaries Paperback Book

Artist: Peter Mullen


Barcode: 9781903905845

Prophets and Visionaries consists of eight extended critical essays on acknowledged thinkers and masters of English prose: Samuel Johnson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Henry Newman, G K Chesterton, T E Hulme, T S Eliot, R G Collingwood and C H Sisson. Each chapter is an introduction and commentary on its subject´?¢s contribution to English literature, philosophy and theology and brings out the extraordinary relevance of these great writers´?¢ works to contemporary life, thought and politics. ´?¢In his own perceptive an inimitable way, Peter Mullen has produced a compendium of British thinkers of the first rank. All... have upheld the vital importance of the Judaeo-Christian tradition... Its reaffirmation is undoubtedly needed for the moral and spiritual renewal which is so necessary.´?¢ Right Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali ´?¢This is a book written by one who has so mastered the material that he can go to the heart of the matter.´?¢ Rev Dr Aidan Nichols OP 192 pages