Pure Grace Paperback Book

Clark Whitten


Barcode: 9780768441048

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The revelation of God´?¢s grace extended to believers in the New Covenant is the most life-giving truth one can experience. Grace not only applies to salvation, as most Protestants believe, but to the process of becoming like Christ in the way one thinks, acts and experiences life on earth. Christians have the God-given capacity to live lives of joyous freedom and liberty that accurately reflect the life of Christ and are contagious to those around them. The self-effort and behaviour modification model of Christianity that most Protestants live under is a lie that has demoralised and defeated the Church for centuries. This book gives a biblical basis for a potential new reformation of the Church that will result in a massive rethinking of the Gospel. - God is our Heavenly Father and He is much more gracious than we have been led to believe! - Christ´?¢s work to redeem us was thorough and absolute. - We are in a ´?¢state of Being´?¢ of union with God that provides security and liberty to live out our ´?¢sonship´?¢ with ever-increasing enthusiasm. - The glorious Gospel has been corrupted by the ´?¢leaven of the law´?¢ and produces inferior results in the lives of believers. A revelation of grace will change any believer´?¢s life and produce the abundance of life Jesus died to give. 192 pages.


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