Questioning Christianity

Dan Paterson


Barcode: 9780802421548

Release date: 02/06/2021

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You’re interested in Christianity. But do you really understand what it’s all about? Getting to know Christianity is like merging onto a freeway ramp. You can see what’s right in front of you. And you know the road can take you in many fascinating directions. But how all the highways form a whole is something of a mystery. So you just keep driving and hope for the best. Dan Paterson and Rian Roux have the bird’s eye roadmap you need. After many years of pastoral, evangelistic, and campus ministry, they know the questions people are asking. The skeptic, the seeker, the new believer . . . they all want some real answers. Not slogans. Not politics. Not simple solutions to complex problems. The person who’s getting to know Christianity wants the big picture of what it’s all about. Who is God? What is he up to in the world? Where is he taking it? And how is Jesus the centerpiece of the divine plan to offer hope to the human race amid so much suffering? These issues—and many others—can be found in Questioning Christianity. It’s an accessible overview of the Christian faith and way of life.


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